How can I get better rank in game

  • Hello all,

    This is the second time I am playing the game. I am realy new and I want to know how can I get at top of ranking?

    By now I am at 130~140 for the last 48 hours. I have been researching many things (I am at level 32) and I have 3 quality labs making my Summer Clothing better (them I will begin another item).

    So, my question is: if I already have 100 builds and I have plenty of money what more can I do to get better ranks?

    PS.: If I have two textile stores they will sell 2x the amount of products I produce?!


    Nataniel Klug
    Cyber Nett LTDA

  • Try our manual for further information about the highscore-system:

    Two shops can sell double amount of goods, but if there is nobody who's willing to pay your prices, you won't sell any additional goods ;)

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  • Exz,

    Thanks for your help... I will try to learn more from the manual. I think I will get into motor car industry as soon as it is avaiable to me (this research I am doing will get me into it).