Jik getting outclicked for raw materials

  • Jik can't get raw materials (e.g. steel) from market in competition with players with faster connections. Playing field not level.

    This is BUG, not FEATURE!!!

    This is BUG, not FEATURE!!!

    This is BUG, not FEATURE!!!

    Suggest market include bids for commodities, rather than just offers of products for sale. Would also like to see system "make market" in commodities, so items can always be bought or sold, even if at worst price.

  • Seems not so bad:


    At the big business concerns the firm Money-Maker GbR has reached a gross turnover of 73.807.194 this month. Followed by Jikco SP with 65.249.730 and Bluna GmbH & Co KG with 51.526.000.

  • Yeah, have never run out of raw materials. But sometimes lose 10 or more consecutive clicks for commodities at low prices.

    Pet peeve now, netting 30M a tick, near top of Best-ROI list, but keep falling in Overall-Highscore list, presumably because have big negative Best-Vendor score. (Vending not that bad, really. Sell 68M a tick in own stores.)

    In business game, object should be highest net worth. Why not use Company Value entry from Balance screen as Overall-Highscore. (27.7B for Jik at 3/131.)