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    No update at all. Still 1/2 and should be 3/2. Goods on market and number of buildings increasing.

    Middle of night in Germany, so maybe no support on duty.

    Yeah, happen sometimes, but not so often with Jik system. Copy normal price from item page and use Google for computation:


    Not need closing parenthesis. Lots of games, better to use Google than hand held calculator, because not miscopy or copy wrong data. And further reliability by copy answer from Google and paste into IT, although must delete space inserted by Google every 3 digits.

    Love recent item pages, rather than old system of set every shop.

    Would buy 100M of rubber, but inefficient for tax. Big loss that tick and pay 15% tax most ticks. No market offer should be bigger than 30M or 40M.


    No such thing as "drilling machine" in colloquial English. Hand-held device is "drill" and big machine is "drill press".

    Now, vendor and manuf scores are not understood by players, but clearly oppose each other. Sales which increase vendor tend to decrease manuf. Production which increase manuf tend to decrease vendor.

    How about make vendor and manuf uncorrelated with each other. Vendor just depend on sales, which not affect manuf. Manuf just depend on production, which not affect vendor. Big players will have advantage, but big players win anyway. At least everybody will understand system.

    According to manual:

    Best-Vendor ...
    Basis of calculation (norm sales price * amount sold) – (norm. sales price * amount produced)

    Best-Manufacturer ...
    Basis of calculation (norm. sales price * amount produced) - (norm sales price * amount sold)

    So manuf = - vendor? Well, not in practice. Have top overall score several times, but never understand vendor and manuf. Is it possible for moderators to explain?

    Place this thread in Bugs, because if moderators can explain vendor and manuf, then they should correct manual.

    Need 700 a tick steel from market many rounds ago, but couldn't get. Outclicked for steel at 5k when would have paid 20k. Since then, make all own steel and iron ore, so all Q100.

    Lobby at that time for place order. If had current classified ads, might still make 230 cars (various kinds) from Q0 steel.

    Hey, overall not such mystery anymore. Green and amber arrows mean up or down so many points since month 1 of current 2-year overall contest. You get an overall point for every guy you beat in every 2-year period in vendor, manuf and ROI. Can get about 2100 points in any 2-year (one day) period. Each day unaffected by other days. But remember, it's not points that matter, but how many guys you beat in each of the 3 categories.

    Amber should be red for down, like stock market ticker. ROI indicator not useful, with everybody minus zero. Should somehow reflect company value change so far today.

    Yeah, players who go for Overall-highscore understand that every day is new contest to beat as many players as possible in those 3 categories. But nobody know how computed, so can only design operations by trial and error.

    Small device you hold in hand is called "drill", or maybe "electric drill".

    Large machine with table to hold work is called "drill press".

    Nothing ever commonly called "drilling machine".

    I don't know if this is really a bug but I dropped to 6th place in the overall high score. I am in the top 3 for Manif.,Vendor and ROI. How is this possible.

    Ho, ho! Welcome to IT, land of mystery.

    Anyone know what happen to vendor ranking last round? Was that bug, now fixed, or game change permanently?

    We have changed nothing in the highscores.

    St. Dok should check with development team, because something different this round. Vendor/manuf balance is different, as Stroke say. And look at Stora Enso highscore.