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    Your financial situation will cause a bankruptcy, if you fail to turn your money back into a positive range between 24 WUs.

    If you fail, your account will be resettet automatically.

    kind regards

    - Automailer -"

    If I am not wrong, this should be "reset".

    I am thinking about demolishing some factories and build some raw stuff.
    I can build almost everything raw (will be able to build bauxite and aluminium next RL and log field ran out).
    I can build one more oil field or up to 4 iron ore, which I will either make plastic, rubber or steel.
    I have a good surplus of plastic and rubber (combined of 50 of combined plastic and rubber) and a deficit of steel (which would not happen, if I demolish those buildings; could turn out even).

    So, what would be more profitable? Steel or plastic? Through the round?
    Ps: I have 30 QL in plastic and rubber and 6 steel and I will increase a little more through the end of the round.

    "100 Leather has been successfully send to the market.
    14,088 was due as commission and for transport.

    total goods sent: 100"

    I guess you should replace "send" for "sent".

    I think it would be great if we could research Logistics.
    Everyone start with Logistic Level 0.
    In our research buildings, we could increase Logistic Level.
    At Logistic Level 0, we have standard transport costs (the ones we pay to sell products on the market).
    At Logistic Level 100, we have way better transport costs, though not zero. E.g., (3%)*(normal transport costs)
    The other levels would be proportional.
    I think we could increase it level at a time: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,...98,99,100. Or the way QL works, anyway.
    0-9 Building level 0
    10-19 Building level 1
    20-29 Building level 2,
    and so on.

    What is this, then:
    Version 1.45Last worldupdate: 08/31/2008 10:00 PMrender: 0.05351 seconds
    | querys: 20
    Time until worldreset: 61 day(s) 2 hour(s) or 1467 worldupdate(s)

    I have some questions about speedround:
    It will continue from the research levels we are today?
    Or it will be reset too?
    How long will it last?

    When I complained about the increased costs, what I meant was that when I upgrade other building (resource, raw processing, factory), if my production does not increase, my costs stays the same (e.g. production of level 7 = 16, costs = 3000; production level 8 = 16, costs = 3000). Using the same logic, if max sales does not increase, then it should not increase operational costs.

    Using this logic could make a little hard code, of course, but once done, it would be more logical. I think it would be hard to do, because seeing the shops from level 50 Research Level point of view, an upgrade level should increase sales in at least one product (educated guess). But not at each Research Level point of view, because sometimes you only have one product or small numbers that don't increase sales, but costs increase. So, you would have to make operational costs dependent on building level and research level, not only on building level.

    Well, this is my point of view.

    Best regards,

    I upgraded my electronic store from level 1 to 2 and my costs increased 1k per month while, I have no benefit.
    I still have 2335 supplies which is the same I had on level 1. So, I think there should not have increased the costs of a store if there is no benefit in upgrading it.

    For ideas for how to do it, I suggest buildings get in the "upgrade" buildings when you click them to upgrade once.
    Buildings would get out of it when you make them work again.

    I have a question: if I upgrade one of my stores, will it make its SW go down whiled upgrading? Even if it has products in product warehouse?