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    I had 7/9 of my "Precious Metals" occupied with buildings producing it. Then I built two more buildings "Surface Mining" but my map still showed 7/9. I looked all around and could not find it. Then I made the produce 100% and then looked back at the map and then it was showing 9/9.

    Maybe, could there be a mobile version?

    Normally many things go right in mobile, but the trading part is not very good. When I have to buy lots of 100 offers, I have to click, wait, click, many times. If there was a check box, then I could check all the box needed, and then buy buttom.

    I use the page "productionlog" a lot. I like to have an eye in the overproduction, just to see if there are materials that I need to produce more or buy or if I need to stop producing some of my goods.

    Anyway, what I would like to see it, is a button in productionlog that would link to all buildings that use that type of resource. If I click "Production / Raw goods warehouse" button, I will go to all buildings that use "steel" as resource (building overview), as an example. That way, I could change the prodution to make more or less use of "steel".

    We could advertise from the product overview directly from a button.

    Ex: we click stell, see everything there is and right to the side of classified advertisements there would be a button where we could advertise the product we are viewing, in this case, stell.

    Classified advertisements (button right here)
    Amount/Type QL|RL Company Price/Unit All round price Action
    100 Steel 100|0 Stora Enso Ltd. 8,680 868,000

    When we get 1 million negative, we receive a message that we will be bankrupt.

    When we get positive again we should also receive a message that that countdown is now interrupted.

    I think when we click in "Buildings", we should see the number of buildings in each category:

    Building overview

    All (x)| Resources (y) | Raw goods processing (z)| Livestock farming and agriculture (a)| Factories (b) | Shops (c)| Other (d) | Own categories (e)

    I think it should be a good idea to show our QL in buildings.

    Now only the production shows the QL, but not what is used.

    Operating cost per month: xxx
    Salaries per month: xxx
    Production cost per unit: xxx
    Total cost per month: xxx
    Next production: x Units
    Consumption: x Steel, x Lumber
    Production bonus: 0% (Level 0)
    max. quality 99

    Whe should have our QL on consumption up there.

    It seems the wu are happening but no financial information is being updated.
    No production. Nothing.

    Maybe it was the loan I took?
    I took 350k loan in 12x with fixed interest.

    Hmm, It seems that the last hour didn't occur the wu...

    Version 1.45
    Last worldupdate: 08/01/2009 11:00 PM
    render: 0.01614 seconds | querys: 21
    Time until worldreset: 91 day(s) 0 hour(s) or 2185 worldupdate(s

    I got to level 50 and built all buildings.
    I know now all montly expenses such as operational costs, salary and production cost per unit from all buildings. Well, at least, the most important ones.

    Currently, the first ones to post offers get a priviledge: their offer stays high in the page.
    I suggest, when the product is the same and the price is the same, offers are randomly placed each time a player search that offer or click product overview.

    Why that? Example: people that put for sale at minimum first will probably get sold first, while the others might not sell. By the time it is first to sell, there is an update and the product updates price...

    Adverts is the same thing: people put max price first and get supplied. Who comes later don't buy any. By the time they should be supplied, the product's price updates and people put highst price again.

    Of course these anomalies will only be a problem when supply is bigger than demand in the market view and when supply is smaller than demand in the advert case. But it is still a problem.

    Sure people that get online more often should have some advantadges, but being supplied more or being able to sell when others can't for same product/price should not be some of that advantadges.

    I click a shop and I have:
    Shopping value: 106

    Wouldn't it be nice if I had:
    Shopping value: 106 -5

    Being the second number the increase/decrease of the shop worth of last wu.
    It would be nice if it had a red down arrow, if decrease. It would be nice if it had a green or blue up arrow, if increase.

    Hmm, i think we have a problem with the branches.
    Not every branche have the same amount of products. Must we change it?

    Its not a problem, how much volume should have the warehouse?

    You should add the number of all products from each player and divide by the number of warehouses of all players. Then, you will have an average number of products per warehouse per player.