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    I don't think there is anywhere that says what medals are for what so could you make it so if you hover over a medal picture on someone profile it says what it was for....

    I never get a response when I email problems or ideas, though they must get read as ideas such as the normal price tracker have been implemented without a reply to say you agree that the idea is useful

    I have also sent many times to ask how I change my company name with my player ID etc... And still nothing

    It might be benificial if you over produce an item that once it gets to a specified number e.g 50, 100 or 250 that it is send to Market at a set price automatically. But have it so you can only have this option to sell for just norm value, making it more benifical to play the game more regularly

    I have added 2 more useful calculators:

    - Production plant and factory upgrade cost calculator
    - Shop upgrade cost calculator

    These both allow you to see the future and total costs of upgrade shops or factories etc...
    and show the increase in either production from factories or selling through shops
    you just need to enter how much the shop or factory originally cost
    for the shop selling value enter the average selling of an item over a year
    (add all the SSAW and divide by 4)

    The monster pack has been updated for Mac Users, Windows Monster Pack should be done by tomorrow =]
    Less than 110Kb in size for the monster pack!!!

    Hope you like them

    The Link above links to my fan site where i have made several easy to use spreadsheets for people who can't or dunno how to make there own
    They include:

    - Max Price for selling in shops
    - QL mixing calculator
    - Reselling Profit Calculator
    - Max and Min price calculator

    More can be added on request, they all come with instructions / tips and a demo already written in them.

    For Mac users you can download all in a useful one stop spreadsheet with a sheet with and a sheet without instructions and tips

    ahh i see... sorry got a little confused....

    If it would be possible to actually be able to to see all the norm prices for raw goods that would be a great help... stdok could you please see if this is possible for the next round?


    Updating the site with loads of other stuff over the coming weeks.

    Found it easier to screen print my excel table so that saves me loads of time =]

    Adding useful forum links and some hidden tips and tricks from the top players ( if they wish to help out =] )

    Loads of other ideas coming... haha maybe even t-shirts :P

    I would like to know if the people running Industry Tycoon would back my little projects?? I do hope so as i am doing it to try and give the hardcore gamers something they can chew on haha


    Yes the all time high and low are from when data was started to be collected.

    I do advise with only 11 days left that you use the site from the next round reset as then it will be more useful.

    Also i expect that with 2 more full rounds this year the site becomes even more effective starting from 2010, A long way away i know but then i will have had enough time to match up correlations in different aspects of the market

    I will not be updating the site but feel free to message me "plastic by the hundreds" player name "cheap as chips" and i can easily knock up a screen shot of any graphs or data etc....


    Remember the more data i have the more accurate any predictions in terms of how players "generally" progress in the game and how that will affect prices


    It doesn't seem to breach any of the rules as it is not a script and all data is collected manually and stored on a spreadsheet on my computer. Also anyone could collect this data.

    The site is here --->

    The site will be adjusted and updated when possible except for 2 days this week when i have to travel and will not be able to get internet.

    Hope you find this useful


    Hey Guys,

    Would it be against the rules if i documented price trends then published them either on the forum or an external blogging site? (just so i dont spam the forum)

    I think it could be quite interesting if i published my predictions and other data for analysis. Not sure if it would give anyone and advantage or not but maybe people could optimize when they sell to get the best prices.

    Anyway, let me know what you all think,

    you can deposit 5,000,000 in the bank which earns monthly interest between 1 - 2.5% (I think its between these amounts from what I've observed).

    I have had it up to 7%

    it goes up the more constituently you sell things on the market

    I agree, or you just have general little codes for all products and resources, im not sure if there would be any overlaps.

    O = oil
    CO - copper ore
    CW - copper wire
    C - cotton
    Q - quartz sand