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    I'm not sure whether you're not aware that those things already exist, or whether you're looking for a more direct automated system of going about it.

    As it stands, to make such arrangements, we either:
    * contact a player that we notice is a frequent seller/buyer at the right price on the market through an in-game message to see if they're interested
    * arrange it on the chat
    * post in the appropriate sections here on the forum to see if anyone's interested

    We sell directly to the individual company in the same way that we send products to the market, but we change the field that normally says "market" to that company's name. It shows up in their "Offers" screen, where they can choose to accept or decline the shipment.

    Or are you talking about improving upon that system?

    Exactly. To send an offer, you hit the 'truck' button by the product as if you're going to send it to the market, but you change the field where it says "market" by default to the name of the company you wish to send it to.

    It really doesn't pay to send an "offer" to someone unless they've already agreed to take it, because if they do turn it down, you're out the shipping cost.

    And nope, no Student Discounts. lol

    It seems like there's a lot to learn about this game at first, but believe me, it won't take long at all before you have all the basics down and it's all much easier from there. After that, it's basically a matter of trying different product lines and strategies. And researching up that lovely, lovely QL.

    And you're welcome. Never be shy about asking questions here - we have less posters on the English side of the forum, but we're friendly and happy to help. :)

    I've tried various things to start a new round - bookstore, DIY, furniture... and those were fine, but anymore, I always begin with cafe. It's worked very well for me. Ice cream makes a nice profit. Even though its price doesn't seem all that impressive, stores sell a high volume of it, and it only requires a cattle farm and a food industry to make it, both of which are pretty cheap to build. And cocoa works to supplement that in the beginning - although it doesn't make as much money, it still only requires a cattle farm and a food industry along with purchases of cocoa beans from the harbor. That's just a thought in case you're considering different possibilities.

    I have to say that we have a -great- team of developers here. They really do listen to the players, and they have good judgment when it comes to deciding whether something would really enhance the game or not. And they're constantly implementing little changes that truly improve the game for the players.

    Well, you know, your first round is most valuable just for the learning experience, as far as I'm concerned. The good thing is that if you make mistakes, even go bankrupt, it isn't as painful, since you aren't losing QL that you researched in previous rounds. So it's a clean start with no real drawbacks. Everybody has to learn from ground zero, and everybody screws up in the beginning. Just take it in stride, because you're learning things now that will be a huge boost to you next round. :D

    Another consideration is whether evening out a production line (or part of it) would benefit you more than not doing so.

    For instance, I -hate- selling cans. They never go for what they're worth on the market; steel generally sells faster and for a better price. So if I'm faced with a choice where I need, say, 3 more cans, I could either buy another steel mill which would produce 7 of them, giving me 4 extra I have to get rid of per WU, or I could upgrade existing buildings in order to get that extra 3 cans. Note that this doesn't apply to -all- products. With some, I'm better off making and selling the excess. There's a good bit of strategy in this game that applies to some things and not others, and even changes from one time period to the next. You'll gradually get a feel for things as you play.

    Prices can seem deceivingly high until you realize that some materials are used in the manufacture of some pretty valuable goods. Lumber, for instance, may sell for a piddling amount in a shop, but it's also used to make things like wood garden furniture which sells for a much higher price. So it's whatever the traffic will bear.

    If you want to offer less than someone's asked for on the market, your only option is to PM them, and remember that there are many here who don't speak English. If you happen to know German, you're ahead that way. It couldn't hurt. You might just get lucky, but prepare to be turned down, because I think that's generally pretty likely.

    Sometimes you can make arrangements with someone through PMs or in chat to send you a steady supply of a material at a certain price. After that, they'd send the products directly to you instead of to the market, and those shipments would appear on your "Offers" screen. It can sometimes save you a little over buying from the market, other times it's a bit more expensive but still worth it if the market supply is erratic. Sending directly to a player rather than to the market costs a bit more in shipping charges.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks Dave. It's been too long since I was in school and I couldn't remember how to square a number. How pathetic is that? :P But the son is definitely handy for giving me formulas when I've forgotten how to do them.

    By the way, you're a good judge of age - Guitar Hero is his current favorite. LOL

    Hmm. Researching QL has skyrocketed for me compared to last round. What used to cost me 1.500.000 per WU now costs me 6.832.000, and no, I haven't upgraded my research buildings at all. I must be missing something, but I didn't see anything in the info about this, and I didn't see any announcement saying that the costs would be calculated any differently this round.

    So help this poor addled old lady out and tell me what I'm not seeing. :P I'm sure it's something simple that just isn't sinking in at the moment. This is going to make researching a LOT tougher to do. Oy.


    EDIT -- Well, I went back and read that part of the Manual yet again, and I did miss something, so I calculated it incorrectly. This is one of those times when better eyesight would be handy - I missed the part where you have to square the target QL. I'll have to get my math wiz son to help me figure it out in the future. LOL

    My friends and family are all quite familiar with the phrase "Oh I can't just yet, I have to go fill my warehouse."

    I've mentioned in passing that I needed eggs, and then my husband heard me and picked some up while he was out. Of course, I had plenty in the fridge at the time - I only needed them on IT.

    I've said that I made coffee and my poor puzzled husband looked at the empty coffeemaker and then at me, wondering if my mind had finally slipped. He's getting used to it, though, poor dear.

    At least when I say I made cookies, he can be sure they're in the cookie jar where he can find them. That may change, if IT ever decides to incorporate cookies into their cafes. :P

    Actually, speaking as a dialup user, suggestion #2 would be to my detriment. Yes, it would speed up buying items that are plentiful on the market. But there are those times when an item is so rare that I have to catch it nearly the moment that it appears. In that situation, someone with a high speed connection could have all of the shipments bought out before I could get any of it. Those situations do come up at times, and I've been able to snag some only because I'd click to buy those lower down the page while a high speed user is buying from the top down. So I'd much rather have to do the extra clicks which slows down buying a bit on normal purchases, rather than give up any chance at the rarer items.

    Sorry I didn't see this before, One-Stroke. But I posted this last round - I don't need them this round. I appreciate the offer, though. :)


    I have learned from you to sell things in shop at loss. You wrote about that years ago. Without you, I had never had the idea that one has to pay for vendor points.

    Now that is something that I would very much like to hear about. I can understand the general idea behind it, but I would be most appreciative if one of you might elucidate on the subject. :)

    Just to expand on that a little bit...

    When you produce something, it goes into whichever warehouse you've chosen to send it to.

    Buildings that require materials in order to manufacture something takes what it needs from the Raw Goods Warehouse. Your shops take things to sell from the Products Warehouse. (Which is why it's important to send things to the appropriate warehouse.)

    All of this happens during the real life hour, and when the WU (World Update) hits at the beginning of the new hour, all you see is what's leftover from that. For example, you may have produced 8 logs, and another building turned those logs into chairs, and your shop sold them all, but all you'll see when the new hour hits is anything that wasn't used.

    Nice to meet you and welcome to the game. It tends to be fairly quiet around this part of the forum, but a number of us check it frequently anyway, so don't let that hold you back from posting! I'll look forward to seeing you around. :)

    I came to the same conclusion a few weeks ago and started buying half of my coffee instead of making it. The only reason I'm not buying it -all- is because it isn't in dependable supply on the market. Even with the supplier I found, it's still sporadic at best.

    But true to form, I didn't end up selling steel for longer than a few days, because I soon ended up needing it for a different product. Steel really does seem to be a key product that nearly everyone needs.

    Let's see, my patents are at 2.180.658.000 right now. I'm up to RL 36 which is about as high as I intended to go with that, and the rest is QL. The number surprised me - I haven't looked at it in at least a month. It's funny, I was constantly looking at the Balance and Production-Log last round and at the beginning of this one. Now I rarely do.

    Thank you, John. Nothing at all wrong with concentrating on QL. That certainly gives us a leg up later on. I'm sure your QL has -much- more than mine.

    As far as cars go, since DDD hasn't posted yet, I would imagine oversupply being a part of the problem. If it's an obvious big profit maker, then I imagine everyone and their brother wants to make it, thus causing the profit margin to lower. Motor-cars (RL 34) at the moment are at a whopping 544% on the SuDe. Ouch. I suspect that if we want to go for the car dealership, we'd be better off trying to keep our RL raised ahead of the majority. That way, we can start selling each of the big ticket items before their selling prices have gone down. And that's not particularly to accomplish for those whose time on the game is very limited.

    I just wanted to welcome you personally to help you feel comfortable posting here. The forum is quiet unless someone has a question, but don't let that stop you! I'm glad you came. :)

    Everyone, I'd like you to meet Chiz Goods (not sure what name she'll choose for the forums - that's her business name). I met her on another game. I know you'll make her feel as welcome here as you did me. She's a very nice girl.