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    Jams? 8|

    a chat log...

    So... see? It could be a bit confusing for us english as second language speakers. Maybe "shorts" would be a better choice?

    As HAL said, the number listed in production-log is the maximum you could sell for most other goods. It is up to you to figure out the real production needed. One could only help so much, you know ;)

    Looking to supply 2 to 3 cafes in Normal game with the followings...

    [Item (price)]
    - Chocolate cakes (<8500)
    - fruit tart (<5000)
    - irish coffee (<17000)
    - sandwich (<6000)
    -tea (<4200)

    Please either PM me in game (D,D&D), in forum (dktc), or query me through chat (DDD , with or without [IT] or [ITS]).

    *Depending on the prices, variety, and consistency of supply, there could be industry changed by mid / end of June (real life time). Ample notice would be given to the supplier in any cases.

    It is usually good to have more than 1 industry because demand could drop after a while. Having more than 3 is not encouraged though. And of course, it is always a good idea to gain some experiences before testing yourself to the limit. A good idea is to have complimentary industries that use similar resources. It would be easier to manage.

    And Dave, I thought I swore you to secrecy about the cafes..... ;)

    And add to that, when you click on the "build warehouse" button in raw goods warehouse page, you add a raw goods warehouse. If you click on it on the products warehouse page, you add a products warehouse. Of course, the export warehouse would increase as well in either case.

    Maybe do something like forward transaction, with each QL gives a 1% increase in price? And then add the max price the player is willing to pay.

    Right now, I have so many excessive icecream and there are open ads in slow, but I would rather delete my icecream and selling them at 4000 ;)

    Please keep this thread friendly. Education is just something intangible created by the society for social control, social class differentiation / maintaining status quo, and to make money. There is no point arguing over it. People with high level education are not necessarily smarter or better or more conscience.


    Originally posted by Leguvan
    Well, knowing that the dev team is German, I was concerned that me posting it in this forum, it would go unnoticed.

    Nah. Don't worry. They care enough to read and they have support staffs responsible for english section as well.

    I remember this being discussed some time ago (probably a long time ago :P). One of the reasons this was not implement is that players think the automatic feature would save them too much work. With the manual system, it is much more player interaction, with players required to log onto the game at a consistent pace and send the goods to the other player.

    Right now, the game sees contracts / private offers between players about the same as selling on the market. Selling on market requires manual control, ant therefore, private trades between players should as well.
    The implication is that selling in shops is encourage because that is pretty much the steady automatic selling method in IT.

    And to answer your question directly, the detail view is per year (12 wu) while the production log is per wu.

    The current Speedround #12 will be reset today (30.11) at 24:00 (CEST) then round #13 will start.
    The last WU has taken place on 30.11. around 23.50 (CEST).
    The first Worldupdate of the new round will take place on 01.12. around 12:05.

    There are no changes / reforms / price adaptations in the Speedgame.

    There will be a database transfer on the servers, which would result in a longer reset than usual (about 5 - 10 min).

    For users, no changes arise.

    To help us help you, could you provide us with your
    - player ID (found under the "options" page)
    - company name
    - broswer type
    - the exact page and button you clicked on (instead of "eventually", which doesn't tell us that much ;) )

    Judging by the goods on market and my success in selling the goods, this is not a site-wide phenomenon.

    The current round #11 will be resetted at the 31.10.2007 at 24 o'clock (CEST). The last WU will take place at 24 o'clock.

    The first World-update will take place at the 01.11.2007 around 12:00 (CEST).

    All researched QL will remain in round 12. Everyone will start again with 2.5 million starting capital and no buildings and no goods in warehouses. You will be able to generate a new map.

    No changes in game play or prices will take place.

    There will be 4 new products for the cafe:
    RL1 breakfast (bread, egg)
    RL4 sandwich (bread, meat)
    RL7 fruit tart (wheat, milk, fruit)
    RL10 Irish Coffee (coffee, whiskey, milk)

    The car dealer would also get two products:
    RL 34 car radios (electric component, plastic)
    RL 39 Motorcycle Suit (2 x leather)

    The current Speedround #11 will be reset at about the same time as the Normal round and speedround #12 will start. The only difference is that the last WU takes place at the 31.10. around 23.50 clock and the first World-update at the 01.11. around 12:05. (CEST)

    No changes in game play or prices will take place in the speed round.

    The product database on the portal server will be updated shortly before the start of next rounds.

    Have fun and be successful in the new rounds.

    Your IT-team

    Actually, supply and demand are the price-quantity relations in economics, not the quantity. They illustrate how much goods would be produced/bought at what price.

    My understanding is that the supply is illustrated by the amount produced at that time. What it doesn't take into consideration is the over-production stored and the under-production selling from the stored goods.

    Most of the time, you could sell at max at about 100~120%. That is because there are over-productions stored in the warehouses, not selling in shops. For your case, a possible reason is that someone is selling off stored/bought goods if my understanding is correct.

    I would like to hear more as well... because I think my knowledge is getting rusty after the summer holiday :(

    Any inquiries, questions, uncertainties, clarifications needed, should all go here.

    Now... to kick off the questions...
    Could I be the chief consultant for English-speaking players? :P

    (My attempt to translate this... so don't beat me up if you don't understand :D)
    Crossread and approved by replikant

    Hello beloved IT-community,

    We would like some reinforcement for the following positions in our team:

    Public relations

    Your responsibilities are quite obvious and easily explained. You get advertisements from the management and then published them quickly on all large Browsergame-portals. No worries, you would get all the information from us. You don't have to know all about the situations / portals, but if you do, it would be an advantage. We would also like to see people who could write up their own news/announcements.


    Also the forum requires more helping hands. Shifting all old posts into the archive, assembling useful posts as a help collection and deal with the normal, daily tasks of a moderator carefully.

    Management consultant; -)
    Terminology for this is now "Mentor"

    In the game, many new players have certain problems. We intend to send every new player in the registration a list of willing players, at which the novice can turn to through PM (inGame). Endurance and kindness are of absolute necessity. The positions are not suited for overly ironic or sarcastic people.

    As with all jobs: A certain game experience is required. Players who are here for the first week could not provide any help to other novices and will have a hard time taking care of the form.

    We don't expect 24 hours readiness. Showing up once a day to do the "job" would be acceptable. We occupy every positions repeatedly, so with that arrangement, someone is always there.

    These jobs run entirely on voluntary basis, we compensate your achievements only in the form of gratitude and naturally advertisement-free account.

    Interested please email here (please include your player-ID, and/or company name) :

    Questions? -> Ask over the IT-jobs