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    Ok, that is the link I have bookmarked in my browser weeks ago. I tried it again now from above, I typed the correct username and password (although my Mozilla memorised those so it can't be that mistake). Still the same message: this account does not exist.

    I try it in Opera and I get the same message about banned IP and inexistent account.

    My account worked fine until this morning and I was on positive cash if it matters. And I haven't done anything but the usual stuff I do for weeks.

    I don't think it's a browser problem since starting this morning I couldn't play from 2 different PCs on 2 different IPs and 2 different links.

    I am out of ideas now.....

    I don't know.... Probably....
    I've bookmarked the page weeks ago.
    From the frozen time IP I used this link:
    For banned IP I think I used that link. From my office I get the same message about banned IP and "this account does not exist" if I use the link you said.

    I can log into the game from the IP at my office. From home my IP is banned.
    And I can buy stuff, I can move stuff, I can open any link in game but the time isn't evolving....

    My IP is temporarily banned..... for 6-7 hours now.
    I play this games from 2 IPs. One of them was banned this morning (and my password is known by Mozilla so I didn't type any password in the last weeks). At work I can log in the game but I think the time is frozen for me.... So.... what did I do?? No, I wasn't away more than few hours.

    Yep! The time is deffinetly frozen for me! Seriously, what have I done wrong?? ?(

    i know about the manual but it's so loooong :D
    just kidding. it was an unexpected surprise for me to find out that a building maintenance costs that much and a little frustrating to not be able to shut it down like a factory or a farm.
    next time perhaps i'll be more carefull

    another idea:
    it should be possible to destroy a building even when you're on a negative balance or at least to know the monthly maintenance cost of a building before building it (at least for the more expensive ones). i built a research building without knowing it'd cost me 500 000 per month and in 5-6 hours i was on negative money and i couldn't do anything about it. it costs 50 000 to shut it down but where to get 50 000 when you have -2 000 000? so i had to reset the account and i suffered a lot for that (i felt like i've been cheating the other players when i started the second time :D )

    i don't know how the buildings works at higher research levels (i guess it's only a difference of product numbers), but it would be a lot nicer to be able to do more than one activities in the same time. i mean i'd like a farm to produce wheat and hops at the same time, or a furniture factory to produce wooden furniture and picture frames not one or another. i don't want this at level 0 (it would be too easy), but for a lot of money it would be nice.

    a few years ago i plaied a game just like this one (same buildings, products, economy... same game afterall) but it wasn't online. it was called .... (am i allowed to say its name?). i just wanted to say that i loved that game and i can'dt find it anymore (a pirated copy, i admit :) , but what can i say, i'm not rich enough to buy games).
    so... love that game and congrats if you made it

    with other words (in better english) (no offence exz):
    - raw materials needed in factories must be in raw materials warehouse
    - finished products that you want to sell in your shops must be in the product warehouse (my shop didn't sell one wood furniture till i discovered that :D )

    Hi all,
    I studied the forum, I scrolled ( :D ) the manual but I'm still confused about one thing: how many hours lasts a year in the game. 24? 48? stupid question? :D
    P.S.: what is WU? :D

    WU=world update, right? (I'm smart, I know that ;) ); if it's true when is WU?