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    In the "build" page - the building Research Center is called "Förschungbaude" or something similar..

    When changing an allready ongoing research project in the researchcenter the prompt states something like..:
    Do you really want to change this?
    "Yesh" or "No"
    .. yesh should of course be 'yes' :)

    You can sell at higher price on the market, if your goods have higher quality - so if your a raw materials supplier, this may be worth to take into considderation..


    Have you ever played the good old game called Capitalism+ ?

    This might be what you are looking for.. its not an online game no, but you do chose when you want to stop, or how long you want to continue.. Its a game much similar to this game, only its much more extended actually.. with much more products and much more information on -everything- (fullscale budgets, stock market, etc etc)


    I'm affraid most online non-graphical (simple) games include resets, since its much too advanced to implement the longterm game-development without the resets..

    (See WOW, UO, ... if you want games that doesnt reset.. - but do mind, hence, you have to pay up too for games that continues to run....)

    the same goes for copper.. and quarts sand..

    production costs for copper is something like 600
    but the market price only just recently broke above 500.. (so copper producers will have loss on selling copper at the market..)

    quartz sand is even more crazy silly...

    We can just hope that people will start to see what the hell they are doing... :)

    Without knowing how your company went, it might also be possible that you went bankrupt..

    Personally I was just had a 5 day holiday, with no access to the internet.. and since I had not cashed enough in to last (I produce raw materials/mid-products and thus dont have any regular income, only when I sell on the market), I came back to find my nice little 1.600.000.000 Dollar company reduced to 2,5million in cash and nothing else..

    Tough luck is all I can say - and on it again!
    (took just 4 days to make my company break back above 200million) ..
    Its part of the experience, even if your strategy/choices in the game have failed.. - next time you wont repeat them :)

    Regarding raw material prices on the MARKET, and that its "too expensive"
    Well as long as it takes the SAME amount of Steel to make 2 tools (really really BIG hammers?) and to make, what..? - a CAR! then I think you need to play the game over a reset or two more, to see why it is, that steel prices are so high.

    Fact is, that well, lets take a TVset - it takes a certain amount of raw materials to make this.. and you can sell it at something like 50-70,000 in shop/on market depending on what the price is at the time. IF you chose to use the raw materials needed for a TV, to produce some basic low-level goods, you can NOT gain the same amount of cash on it..

    So, it is the producers of TV's, Cars, and other highlevel products, that determine the way the price is for raw materials on the market - they can AFFORT to pay 12,000 for 1 unit of Steel, because that 1 unit can make MORE money than 12,000 for them.

    So, yeah you lose out, if you chose to do the low level stuff..

    If you want this to change, you need to research some high level stuff, and start taking advantage of the system yourself.. :)

    Until different products takes different amount of raw materials, this system cannot, per definition, change.

    Any civ-player will nod to your idea..

    Its a thing that is a bit odd as it is.. the researchpattern..

    But then ofcourse, there SHOULD be options in making a successfull company in other areas than Automobile/Electronics.. As it is, I dont see the alternatives that could be interesting to invest in..

    I think 5 packages is a bit too few..

    If I dont login for 24 hours (very likely since I dont have internet at my place, and in weekends I cant plan to find a internet café or go to the academy just to login to IT) - if that happens, I'm gonna get drowned in all the steel I produce if I cant sell more than 5 packages

    (I dont like selling more than 500 'a pack, since some people dont want to waste their building-count on warehouses - if I sold more 'a pack, those people without warehouses would not purchase the goods I sell)

    Totally off-topic!

    This weekend, the 13th to the 15th of May, 2005 there is major Carnival in Copenhagen!

    Come check things out, if you like to party and dance the night away under the open sky!

    The festival starts today, friday at around 4PM, and continues all weekend through, until some time Sunday - its gonna be a blast!

    Everything will be taking place in the Faelledpark (ask around if you dont know where this is - everyone native to copenhagen knows where it is)
    So if you are nearby, come check it out!


    Just noticed a small 'glitch' in the Private Message section..

    (Click on --> UserCP --> Private Messages)
    In this screen there is a bar that should indicate how much "full" the private message box is.. - but the problem about the indicator bar is that it has the same color as the background..

    thus it vanishes..

    I only spottet it, because I 'marked' the box with the mouse (click-drag)


    Thanks for the introduction Maikel,

    Yes, Nadija that is me.

    If you have any questions (and are not that strong in German;))
    Feel free to write me, either by PM in this forum, or you can also ask me ingame if you want to. (Company: IE Capitol)

    As for my records, I can say that I have a long history of online gaming (mostly non-graphical, like this) on the back. And through this, I have aquired quite extended english skills. I am also currently studying Advanced Computer Science at the local Acadamy.
    (Hence skills in HTML/Web Programming, Information and Web Systems Designing.. etc.)

    I hope through my skills and expertise to be able to help the IT Support- and Administrator staff with their quest to extend and increase the experience that the English speaking players have of IT.

    Again. If you have any comments/corrections for anything or simply have some ideas as how to increase the forum-experience - contact me directly here by a PM, or ingame.
    - I am your link to the german developers!

    The first message I have seen in "news from abroad" is as following:

    "News from abroad
    in France !!!

    The cold snap is still present in France.
    The population is buying great amounts of "Shoes".
    To compensate the depleted warehoueses, the UNICEF eV is buying "Shoes".

    Completed: 13 %
    Mit ( xx ) Shoes [Assist]"

    In my english version it shouldnt be "Mit" - but
    -->[Assist] with ( xx ) shoes<--

    spelling error in 'warehouses" - an "e" too much ;)

    other than those minor "errors" - this looks like a really interesting feature.. I hope to see more of this in the future!! :D

    I know this thing has been raised in another thread.. but I cant find that thread I found this thread to have the 'best name' about the problem..:

    (min: 10706 | norm: 7848 | max: 17843)

    Now, how am I supposed to sell my grapes, when I can only put them up for sale at 10706 (minimum price).. - the buying price is 7848 (on average) how am I supposed to get my goods sold off with this kind of 'bug' ?
    - cause it seriously do look like a algoritm bug of sorts

    If there is anyone buying cotton at 20k+ then they are only doing so, if it makes money. Maybe cotton at 20k does not make money to you, but there might be products that makes it worth it - even if you dont have these products..