manuf = - vendor?

  • According to manual:

    Best-Vendor ...
    Basis of calculation (norm sales price * amount sold) – (norm. sales price * amount produced)

    Best-Manufacturer ...
    Basis of calculation (norm. sales price * amount produced) - (norm sales price * amount sold)

    So manuf = - vendor? Well, not in practice. Have top overall score several times, but never understand vendor and manuf. Is it possible for moderators to explain?

    Place this thread in Bugs, because if moderators can explain vendor and manuf, then they should correct manual.

  • There were many questions about that. No one answered them until now.

    Here is an example I gave a while ago:


    Why does selling 97 Tricycles results in Manufacturing score "-15" and Vendor score "+39".
    The tricycles are bought from the market (NOT manufactured).

    According to the formula in the manual the result should be totaly different.

  • I added manufacturer and vendor score and it is not manufacturer = - vendor.
    Well, I think raw, semi-finished, and livestock farming and agriculture do also enter in manufacturer score too. And it not always enter in the vendor score. Vendor score has higher value of points in same product than manufacturer because of that. But it is only speculation.

  • Universo, I had the same idee. My manufacturer highscore was positive instead of a very high positive vendor highscore and I didn't produce anything for the market.

    I also think you can reduce this to consuming a lot of raw and semi-finished products from the market. But I don't really know, too. ;)


  • This isn't a bug, it's just the way it is.

    When you make a finished good, raw good, or semi-finished good manufacturing score goes up in proportion to the normal price of that item. Yes, all goods have a normal price, but it's hard to find it if it's not sold in a shop.

    When you make a finished good, vendor score goes down in proportion to the normal price of that item. The proportion is not the same between vendor and manufacturing.

    When you sell a finished good in a shop, vendor score goes up, and manufacturing goes down.

    1. If you only make what is sold in a shop, you will get zero manufacturing score and zero vendor score. Try just making and selling milk, meat, eggs, and you'll see.
    2. If you only make raw goods and semi-finished goods you will get a positive manufacturing score and zero vendor score. Try just making steel and iron ore and you'll see this too.
    3. If you make tricycles you'll make manufacturing score by making iron and steel, but the factor that makes the tricycle will make no score in either manufacturing or vendor if you sell all the tricycles you make as soon as you make them.