Taxes be paid annually

  • Current taxes system:
    "Taxes are paid for all profits you make.
    There are here four "tax brackets":
    Gross sales <= 500,000 --> no taxes
    Gross sales <= 2,000,000 --> 5%
    Gross sales <= 5,000,000 --> 10%
    Gross sales > 5,000,000 --> 15%"

    I propose:
    Taxes are paid for all profits you make.
    There are here four "tax brackets":
    Gross sales <= 6,000,000 --> no taxes
    Gross sales <= 24,000,000 --> 5%
    Gross sales <= 60,000,000 --> 10%
    Gross sales > 60,000,000 --> 15%"

    We pay in january each year. We pay taxes on profits of preceding year.

  • I agree but since we have such a horrible world economic situation on our hands I think that the we should install an "Industry Tycoon World Economic Stimulus Program". In this plan those that have gross sales over 80,000,000 would still pay 15% but also give 5% to the middle class. ;)

  • If there would be such a change, the "Fiscal Authorities" would be worse.

    Now, if a player invests 100.000.000 in a new Research Level, he does not pay Taxes for this one wu, but Taxes for the other 11 Months.

    So, if such an annual tax would be introduced, the Tax Rate should be raised, so that the Fiscal Authorities would have the same income.

    But people, who will not invest in Research, would have to pay more taxes than.

    So I think this change will not make all better, at least one part would have to suffer.

    Greetings, HAL

  • I think that if a person invests, then the next month profits will be better, so more tax revenue.
    The government is making profits on people nowadays by some temporary fluctuations months. Some times a person is under the tax limit, but then sells some resources to buy another resources, then suddenly has to pay highest tax. When there is deficit, no tax refund. Not fair.
    If such a change is made, then these months of buying and selling would smooth on long term. They would really pay taxes on their fair class.