• 1) Make Money. A Profit of 1 Million / Wu will be fine.
    2) Build Research Facility (Screenshot 1).forum.tycoon-world.de/CMS/index.php?attachment/347/
    3) Go to Research - at the bottom of the page you will see new opportunities. (Screenshot 2) forum.tycoon-world.de/CMS/index.php?attachment/348/

    All Products are divided into 11 groups.
    Research Level 0 = Group 0
    Research Level 1-5 = Group 1
    Research Level 45-50 = Group 10

    You can only research Products in a Research Facility, where the Group is equal or lower then the upgrade level of the facility.

    Researching Costs are calculated by following formula:
    - Fixed Costs: (Researchbuildingupgradelevel + 1 ) * 500000 (Per Wu)
    - Variable Costs: TargetQL * TargetQL * 1000 (Per Wu)

    You try to research Aluminium ladder from QL 20 to QL 26 with a 48 WU Research.
    Following Costs will apply:
    Group of Aluminium ladder is: 5
    (5 + 1) * 500'000 + 26 * 26 * 1000 = 3'000'000 + 676'000 = 3'676'000 Itycoins / Wu.

    An empty (without any Research) Research Facility will cost 500'000 Wu.
    (You will need a building upgraded to 5 or more.)

    If you have more questions, just ask.
    HTH, HAL

  • since the max sale price formula is (1.5+(ql/100))*norm price, it means that each 1% QL adds .67% to your price.

    Of course considering production cost is constant, assuming that the product in question consist of 50% production cost, it will mean that your actual profit will increase by 1.33% for each 1% QL.

    Nevertheless increasing QL cost way more than what they can pay off in the round you research it. So the only reason to research QL is to set you up for the next round.

  • Obviously, there's no motivation factor necessary when selling higher QL products in a shop. Your profit margin is higher - you charge a higher price while paying the same manufacturing costs (assuming you're using your own materials and not buying them at higher QL).

    As for other players buying products, it all comes down to the best deal available. When I'm looking for products on the market, I'll choose whatever QL gives me the best profit margin, as long as there's enough of it to be worthwhile. If I can make more profit selling QL 37 than QL 0, I'll buy it. As for those players who are willing to buy things to sell at a loss in order to improve their score, then they'll go for the smallest loss, of course.

    On the other hand, the specific situation can affect my decision. If I want to stock up for while I'm out, and there's plenty of that QL 0 and not enough of the QL 37 to last me, I'll take the smaller profits in order to keep my SV up. Or if I'm already producing some of that product myself and just need some extra to fulfill my shop's needs, then I'm more likely to want to buy it at a QL closer to what I produce on my own.

    Because my product at higher QL is worth more than at QL 0 for the same cost, I have more margin to work with. I can set a price for the market that allows the buyer more profit, and I still make more profit than I did when I produced it at QL 0.