• Hi guys

    Just a quick question about transport costs I appear to be paying a large sum on each transaction this is the message I get--->

    Forward goods

    You have successfully sent 990 Steel to World Inc. GmbH at 5500 as unit price (Total: 5.445.000).
    As soon as the company accepts the delivery, the money (5.445.000) will be send to you.
    1.138.005 were due for transport.

    This apears to be about 23 % and most of my transactions to players are attracting this fee is this correct or do I have a dodgy driver who his selling stuff out of the back of his truck :D :rolleyes:

    Lees Holdings

  • It's the size of your shipments that's killing you.

    Transportation costs (from the Manual) -
    Deliveries to other companies:
    1-100 units: 12%
    over 100 units: 12% + (every batch of 100 above that gets another 1% tacked on)

    So for 200 units, it's 13%, for 300 units, it's 14%... for 900 units it's 20%, if I'm reading that correctly.

    You can save yourself a fair amount of cash by sending multiple shipments of no more than 100 units.

  • Hi Kahla,

    Thankyou so much for your answer ( I knew there would be some super intelligent person out there with the answer) :).

    I remember a old saying that seems to fit here.....When all else fails read the instructions.

    Thanks again.

    Regards Lee