Show expiration date for Newspaper donations

  • Newspaper screen have section for donate (sell) some particular finished product. For example:

    This year's Superstars come from Greenland!!!

    Radio stations are playing their titles day and night, the young idols have become famous way beyond the borders of Greenland.
    Already the youngest citizens are dreaming of a musical career. BFA eV will be pleased to accept deliveries of Guitar.

    Apparently this feature affect Overall-highscore, so Jik want to donate regularly. Would like to know when offer expire, so can schedule efficiently.

  • I thought the idea of not knowing was the "fun" part of event? No?

    Without the knowledge of when the event would end is like gambling. You take your risk by waiting and you give less (and earn less points) by donating too early. I think this is how it is meant to be ;)

    D,D&D SP 8)
    Both normal round & speedround

    "When they discover the center of the universe, a lot of people will be disappointed to discover they are not it."
    --Bernard Bailey

  • If you wanted extra uncertainty then there should be a rough estimate of when the demand will be met based on the last 2 or 3 WU's cause then people have a rough guess but still someone could donate loads one month so then you find the deadline fluctuates

    then everyone wins =p

  • I think we can implement a private message for events. If a new event starts all player get a message.I cant promise it, but i certainly will give it some thought.