Prices too low this round

  • Last round prices very high (could sell summer clothing for 150k, etc.). Lots of players had fun making money. This round prices much lower. The problem is, level research cost the same, so players can't advance as quickly. This stunts whole economy. Recommend make prices higher or level research cheaper.

  • Of course, low prices rises the difficulty of the game. But isn't it more fun to do the same with less money and low prices as with more money and high prices? I think it is, because the last round was very easy. Sure, it was helpful to test new ways of getting money. But it was a bit boring to have a billion and doing nothing with it.


    Sorry for the mistakes, I'm a German....

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    Originally posted by John_Walker
    here is another reason why Jik is stupid

    Sure, was originally going to name company Stupidco, but was afraid competitors would take advantage. Actually, Jik somewhat obsessive, so can analyze game and set alarm as required to monitor upgrades, etc. Just suggesting that game could be less cruel to casual players. Obsessive compulsives would still outperform, as in all internet games, but the experience might be richer for everyone. How about pricing intermediate to this round and last, so that levels can be researched continuously, once 100 buildings are established.

  • I agree. I started recently and the only really profitable, easy to make product is cut wood. It's a bit crazy, as cut wood often has the same or higher going rate as things made from it (wooden boards or grain wood). I also find iron ore and steel to be reasonable, but most things made of steel sell for as much on the market as the steel its made of.

    The game is a bit wonky and a little too hard for casual players. Increasing "normal" prices by 25% would probably help greatly.

  • First of all, please excuse my bad English. =)

    In my opinion prices in the last round were to high. Of cause it was fun to make much money but it was not realistic. This round, price are lower than I have ever seen. Maybe really a little bit too low for some products but not for all products.

    Concerning the posting of Blue Star I think, if somebody joins the game in the third of three months, it is quite another situation as it is for somebody who joined a round from the beginning. I started my first round later as the beginning was, too. There were people who could make advanced products which were more expensive and bought my steel and my wooden boards.

    I see a problem concerning the shops, too. For example see a toy shop and the product tricycles. You will only with luck get tricycles in the market that are cheaper than in your shop. The prices in the shops are getting lower and lower. The prices in the market are rising.

    But anyway... the system works. I don't know why, but it works.

  • Your English is actually pretty good.

    I agree that it doesn't make much sense that bicycles can sell at retail for perhaps 5500 at retail, but I can easily sell steel at over 6000 on the market (6200 right now). This basically means that anyone who makes bicycles is losing at least a thousand on every bicycle compared to not making bicycles and just selling the steel instead...

    I guess steel is more valuable in the manufacturing of higher tech products... but still, thousands of bicycles are being made when more money could be made just selling the steel.

  • Yes, it's true, you have opportunity costs when you make bicycles instead of selling the steel. But I think, the money is not so important in the hiscore list. As I know, you get no points for selling raw material, only for products.