older game

  • a few years ago i plaied a game just like this one (same buildings, products, economy... same game afterall) but it wasn't online. it was called .... (am i allowed to say its name?). i just wanted to say that i loved that game and i can'dt find it anymore (a pirated copy, i admit :) , but what can i say, i'm not rich enough to buy games).
    so... love that game and congrats if you made it

  • You are right:

    I only know the german name of it: Industrie Gigant
    Maybe its called Industry Giant in english.

    Based on this game, Maikel started to produce this game you are now playing online ;)
    The pictures of buildings and the early basic system is original IndustryGiant with authorization of JoWood.
    That's maybe the reason, why you've recognized some parallels :)

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